Thursday, September 18, 2008

Unravel the Mystery

Unravel the Mystery, of Maths & Poetry
Whats the symmetry, in digit & literary

When two plus two, make it a four
Straight from logic, algebra at its core

When two plus two, make it a five
Straight from heart, words come alive

When four and five, differ by one
Anything common, there seems none

Any mathematician, who wrote a poem
Any Poet, who proved some theorem

Omar Khayyam is the one to be named
Poetry and Maths brought him to fame

Read a theorem, like a poem
form a poem which poses a problem

A mathematician strives for elegancy
while a poet composes for beauty

Its all about the flow you bring
Be it Maths or Poem you sing

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Post 3

When you have nothing to put, everything to cut, but then you put everything and cut nothing, you have your Post 3. Post 3 may manifest itself through a best selling newspaper, a bollywood movie or even The Sun - We love it. Yeah right, we love it. Whats wrong if we love it? When nothing makes sense, it is nonsense. When nothing makes sense, but is perfect for senses, it is sensational. What is common between a best selling newspaper, a bollywood movie and The Sun - We love it? All are here to sell. If you do not believe visit - everythings for sale. However my post is not for sale. It is just a spoof. Spoof of what? Thats interesting. Try visiting the original site to unfold the mystery of The Sun. If you find the treasure, you will love it.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Do They Bother You?

I think, therefore I am.
Have you ever wished - I do not think, therefore I am better?
Thoughts - Do they bother you? What to think and What not to think? Thinking should carry thoughts. Thoughts should not carry thinking. Confused - Give it a thought.


It is just one for the road. IF YOU CAN NOT READ IN THIS you better not read in this. If you already had more than one this road is not for you. This is the road. This is the one. And this is just one for the road.
Explore all the roads. Dream of every-one. But what you Discover is the Realisation that this is the road and this is the one.
Which Road? Why One? are questions not to be answered but realised.